Today we celebrate the 77th Independence Day of India, a day which reminds us of our country’s long and arduous struggle for freedom against British oppression.  This is an occasion for each Indian to remember with pride and respect the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, the agony and hardships undergone by them towards the liberty of our motherland.  This is also an opportune moment for us to re-imagine the idea of India as a nation, cutting across the boundaries of caste, creed and language, and to dedicate ourselves to the glory and progress of our country.

            With regard to Cochin Port Authority’s performance, we have been making consistent efforts to improve performance over the past few years in spite of the pandemic situation and the war.  From 29.14 MMT of cargo handled in the year 17-18 we achieved 35.26 MMT in the year 22-23.  In this financial year we have achieved 11.52 MMT till July.  Our SBDO has increased from 20880 tonnes in 17-18 to 25601 tonnes.  Our TRT continues to be the lowest among non container Ports and stands at 32.83 hrs. Our Operating Profit was 159.58 Cr in the year 17-18.  In 22-23 it was 338.13 Cr.  Pension fund has increased from 130.78 Cr. in 17-18 to 853.01 Cr today.

            Though Cochin Port is now in the path of recovery and progress we need to focus on game changing projects like Outer Harbour Project and converting Kochi into Cruising Hub of India.  Let me remind you that Ports are vital links in the country’s development saga.  The entire nation is looking up to Ports and Shipping sector for major changes in our business models.  We have an important role to play in the years to come and what better way to celebrate Independence Day then to espouse a new agenda of Port led development. 

            So here’s to a stronger Port, a stronger nation, and a glorious tomorrow.

            Greetings to one and all on this joyous occasion.

            Happy Independence Day.

            Jai Hind.



Cochin Port Authority