The Mission of the Cochin Port Authority is to provide dependable, cost-effective Port services  through modern and efficient  infrastructure coupled with high quality, customer  friendly  services. The Port shall manage its assets and resources for optimal economic use to the Nation and the community. The Port  shall strive to be  the main catalyst for the economic development of the region, with a strong commitment  to environmentally sound  policies and safe  practices. The Members of Board, the employees and all stakeholders of the Port shall work as a team in an open, positive, collaborative and cooperative manner. In pursuit of this Mission, the Port Authority shall be guided by the principles of integrity, ethical behaviour, professional excellence, service to the community and respect for every individual.



The vision of the Cochin Port is to serve the country as


    • A public service provider
    • An economic development facilitator
    • A Business enterprise
    • An environmental conservator



    • Strengthening our competitive position
    • Maximising space and infrastructure utilization
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