Submitted on 12 November 2020
Sl.No Tender Description Tender Number Department Document Issue from Date Document Issue to Date Last Date of Submission Open Date EMD
1 Quotation for supply of Mementos D8/Memento/2023-S Gn.Admn NA
2 E-Tender for Manning and operation of Speed boat Regal 2860 -for period 2023-25 E-TENDER No.MD/Speed Boat Regal 2860 /2023 Marine Rs 16,160/-
3 Annual Civil Maintenance Contract (ACMC) for the year 2023-24 T6/T-1981/2023-C Civil Rs.1,00,000/-
4 Budgetary Inquiry for Supplying and installing Cell Type Rubber Fenders 1700H at COT T6/BI/Fender/2023-C Civil NA