Published on 25 September 2018

Citizen Empowerment To Report Corruption

            On the International Anti-Corruption Day, observed world over on 9th December 2010, the CVC launched Project VIGEYE aimed at providing an interface for citizens with CVC to lodge complaints / disclosure regarding corruption. It is a platform through which information on bribery and corruption flows freely from our common public, including whistleblowers and government agencies, to the CVC, making it possible to achieve a quantum jump in the image of nation fighting corruption. Citizens are encouraged to stand up against corruption by becoming a VIGEYE.

Who are VIGEYEs

            VIGEYE refers to a person who is a public spirited citizen, a volunteer and one who comes forward to help the CVC by reporting corruption and fighting it. VIGEYE volunteers can file complaints and grievances relating to corruption with supporting evidence to CVC. One has to register first, before filing a complaint.

How to register as a VIGEYE

            A Vigilant citizen can be a VIGEYE by registering either through web or through mobile. For registering through web, please visit CVC website ( or or and click the relevant link of VIGEYE and fill the online registration form by providing details such as name, email and phone number etc. For mobile registration a blank SMS or "VIGEYE"can be sent to 09223174440 through mobile phone and an SMS containing a registration link will be received.

What are the features of VIGEYE

            VIGEYE facilitates real-time submission of complaints in confidence. Oral and documentary evidence or explanations can be recorded on mobile media and attached in the form of photo, audio record, video record, notes etc. Complaints along with supporting media /data can be uploaded via mobile /GPRS or Wi-Fi networks and CVC will further take appropriate action on such complaints.

Visit for more details.

Central Vigilance Commission

 Requirements for registering complaints through Mobile

1. GPRS facility enabled mobile phone.

2. Citizens having a suitable mobile (see the list of supported mobile phone models can lodge complaints through mobile phone, after downloading the mobile software.

How to Register for VigEYE application through Mobile

1. Send a blank SMS to 09223174440.

2. A registration link will be received on your mobile

3. Clink the link.

4. Enter name, address, mobile number, mobile model, email (Optional).

5. System confirms the request and sends mobile application link, with login and password as SMS to mobile and email, if provided.

6. Download the application by clicking on the link received in the SMS.

7. Application automatically prompts for installation after download.

8. Permit the application to be installed on the mobile.

How to submit a complaint on mobile phone

1. Login with the user-id and password provided in the SMS earlier.

2. Lodge the compalint with Category, Complaint type, Organisation, Region in first screen.

3. Press Next.

4. Reference-Id will be displayed on the screen.

5. Uploading option is available for attaching Photo, Video, Audio, Notes with teh complaint.

6. Press Thanks for submitting the complaint.

7. Login with registered mobile number and password to see the status of the complaints lodged.

How to Register for VigEYE application through Internet

1. Can also reach this site through CVC website

2. Under the tab "WEB COMPLAINTS" register by further clicking either the "Web Complaints System" or "Register Web" links appearing on teh first two lines in the content of the page.

3. A "Web User Registration" Screen appears.

4. Register with your complete details like Name, E-Mail, Address, Pin Code, State, Mobile Number and press Submit.

5. System sends user name and password at the email and an SMS provided during registration.

How to submit a complaint through Internet

1. Login using the provided username and password

2. Fill up the textual complaint in the web form. Up to 5 files may be uploaded with the complaint.

3. Complaint ID will be given by the system once complaint is lodged.

4. Login with registered user name and password to view the status of the complaint.